Discoveries Through Time

Journey back to the Dark Ages when our knowledge of the world was young.  Advance through the centuries, develop theories to better understand the world, and move humanity forward.  You have one hour to make it all the way back to present day and escape the room. WARNING: THIS ROOM MAY BE EDUCATIONAL AND YOU MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING EITHER INTENTIONALLY OR BY ACCIDENT!

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The Bathhouse & Gambler

Our Hot Springs themed escape room adventure. Like thousands of tourists that have come before you, you cannot escape Hot Springs without a bath and a bet. Your job is to solve our room and escape within the hour. Our most popular room!

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Cold Case

Cold Case is our crime scene themed escape adventure. You and your group are a team of investigators determined to solve this long-abandoned murder case. Your job is to identify the killer, the victim, and figure out how to escape the room in time! This room requires teamwork, communication, and careful observation. This room is for players looking for a challenge. Due to the difficulty of this room, a minimum of 4 players is required. This room holds 4-10 players.

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