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200 Spring Suite #200
Hot Springs, AR 71901
(Above the antique and cigar stores.)


What happens when a lawyer, an engineer, and a web developer walk into a vintage Hot Springs building? They open a new business. Escape Hot Springs, Inc., is a mixture of immersive theatre and brain games where customers are placed in a themed room and faced with a host of complex puzzles to solve and hidden objects to find. Teamwork and outside-the-box thinking is rewarded as you try to “escape" before the one-hour time limit is up. 

Escape rooms are some of the fastest growing small businesses in America and are wildly popular in Europe and Asia.  Hot Springs is the seventh Arkansas town to have an escape room venue.

The entry wall at the 200 Springs Street, Suite 200 location enshrines a phrase credited to Harry Houdini: “My mind is the key that sets me free”.  At Escape Hot Springs, your best chance to escape is to use your mind and bring six or seven of your smartest friends or family members along for the fun!  Escape Hot Springs is intended for adults, but anyone over 10 can enjoy it if paired with an adult. Younger players sometimes provide the advantage of not overthinking the puzzles and are better at searching for hidden objects.   

Eventually housing as many as 5 different themed rooms, Escape Hot Springs’ first room is “The Bathhouse and Gambler” where, like tens of thousands who have come before you, you cannot Escape Hot Springs without a bath and a bet.  

The cost is from $20.00 per person and admission is by reservation, which can be made at www.escapehotsprings.com.

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